Funding from the right investor at the right time can make the difference between whether your business succeeds or… not. Give your business its best chance for success!

We provide the support you need to take your business to the next level, including:

  • Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch: Learn how to make an elegant and effective elevator pitch in 60 seconds that will get you noticed in all the right ways.
  • Funding Strategy: How to find the right investors for your business, how to network to a warm introduction, and proper etiquette to reach those investors.
  • Investor Pitch Deck Review and Creation: How to structure, develop and present your pitch for best impact. Or create your pitch deck from scratch!
  • Business Plan and Strategy Analysis: Is your business model up to snuff? We’ll analyze your business model and strategy, and prepare you to answer any questions investors may ask.
  • Business Plan Writing and Research: Do you need a full business plan? We can help you re-search and write a killer business plan that will impress any investor.
  • Corporate Presentations: Do you need organizational buy-in for your team’s project? I can help you structure and develop content for a killer presentation that will win over your organization.

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Together, we will craft your story, articulate your strategy and refine your presentation into the perfect pitch to make the impact you want on your audience. We do this by working with our clients to develop dynamic storylines, impactful content, and astute answers to likely questions they will receive.

We work with our clients in constructive partnership to support their journeys as entrepreneurs, fostering personal relationships in which they can grow. We select the clients with whom we feel there is potential to develop the trust and communication necessary for fruitful long-term relationships.

1 Hour Introductory Pitch Deck Review and Feedback: $250

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